Bournemouth University hosts controversial debate around abortion

With policies around abortion rights making headlines across the world, The Student Union at BU hosted its own debate around the topic.

The event was free to attend and all views and opinions were welcomed.

For balance, the panel had speakers representing both sides of the argument: pro-choice and pro-life.

While members of the audience were also invited to participate in the discussion.

During the debate, Ireland’s watershed decision to repeal its 8th amendment was touched upon. As well as, the recent tightening of abortion laws in America.

While the debate concerned a serious issue, one attendee of the event still found it engaging and educational.

Drew Hyndman, a student at BU and audience member on the night, said this: “The best thing about this debate is that I learned a lot about the topic and different people’s opinions on it. And that for me is invaluable.”

While Theodora Winter, a panelist at the event, was quick to state the importance of open conversations and debates.

Abortion is just one of the many topics SUBU Debates will tackle this year.

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