Bournemouth University implements rent reduction

Bournemouth University implements rent reduction for students

A 50 percent rent reduction has been implemented for Bournemouth University students no longer living in University-owned accommodations.

This decision by Bournemouth University was in response to student’s queries about allowing a  rent reduction for their accommodation which they do not live in currently, as result of the  coronavirus pandemic.  

The University’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Andrews, wrote in an email communication to students: “We are asking that the remaining 50% is paid and, where this is done by 15 May, and students are returning to study next year, an accommodation bursary of the same amount will be returned to you in semester two of the next academic year.”

Jim Andrews also explained why the students are mandated to pay the 50 percent in his email stating that:

“This solution allows us to continue to support those of you living in these properties who have been impacted by COVID-19, while maintaining good financial management for the university in the face of this unexpected cost in this financial year.”


In response to this, a Bournemouth University student beneficiary of the 50 percent rent reduction has expressed his gratitude over the generosity of the University management, saying that “the University is caring about us”. 

Konstantinos Konstantinou, was a resident at the Student Village and had to travel back to his home country, Greece, following the outbreak of the corona virus. 

According to him, “While I was waiting to be informed on what to do about my rent, I was a little bit stressed about the situation because I did not know if I had to pay the full amount or less. But when I received the email from the university, everything was fine because I now have all the information I needed.” 

However, this 50 percent rent reduction does not apply to students living in other accommodations. 

This includes Bailey Point, Chesil House, Lansdowne point, Corfe House, Purbeck House, Lyme Regis House, Cranborne House, and other student accommodation or privately rented housing.  


According to the University’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Andrews, those remaining in university accommodation would have to pay their rent as usual. 

The University has also provided financial support for students finding it difficult to cope financially with the current circumstances, such as the BU and Santander covid-19 fund available to all BU students.

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