Bournemouth’s architectural views

Ian McCreery takes a look at the differing architecture that graces the Bournemouth skyline in his architecture photo blog.

Bournemouth has a vast amount of beautiful views from any vantage point you may find. One of the aspects that make Bournemouth’s skyline so awe inspiring is due to the differing styles of architecture seen in the City. This architecture ranges from the Victorian construction of the Bournemouth Railway Station and pier, constructed in the 1800s, to modern award winning architecture of the likes of Bournemouth Central Library.

A lot of work goes into the design of buildings. Keith Papa, the project Architect, at Building Design Partnership (the team behind the Central Library) said of his design: “Our aim was to use a high proportion of glazing to create a light, airy interior in keeping with the informality of the space.”

This obviously differs from the 13th century styling of St Pauls Church which was constructed in 1881 with grey and red brick stone construction.

Bournemouth has a lot to offer the eye, when it comes to views and beautiful buildings…

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Photos: Ian McCreery

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