Twilight, the last chapter

The fifth and last chapter of  the Twilight saga,  “Breaking Dawn – part 2”, has finally been released after months of anxious waiting by fans of Stephenie Meyer’s novels.

copyright by magesomidoAt the end of Braking Dawn – part 1 Bella was about to die giving birth to her child and  was saved by Edward, who transformed her into a vampire. Bella wakes up and begins her new life and fast discovers her new skills as “new born”, while Edward helps her to manage her thirst of blood. She also lives a new experience as mother to their daughter, Renesmee, who is growing really fast because of her half-vampire blood. One day, while out to play with her mother and Jacob – who imprinted her as soon as he saw her as a baby- she is seen by Irina, Cullens’s cousin and member of the Denali coven, who reports to the Volturi she saw a human infant who was bitten and transformed into a vampire. Volturi declare war on Cullens determined to eliminate them for violating vampire  law. The Cullens try to avoid battle and gather witness of foreign vampire clans to prove Renesmee is not an immortal child. However Volturi seem to determined to fight and the Cullens will have to defend Renesme and their entire family side by side with the Quileute werewolf pack and other vampires against the common enemy.

Bill Condon directs the last episode of the Stephenie Meyer’s saga and makes a good movie  from a technical point of view, with remarkable special effects and a soundtrack that perfectly accompanies the battle scenes. The movie is slightly different from the book, but overall coheres the novel, which does not provide the final battle but the Volturi are simply convincibile with the testimony of other vampires.  Of course in a film you can’t  not to have a little bit of action and suspense. Many books’ fans have been a little been disappointed from these differences between the novel and the cinematic version, but overall it could be said that Twilight was a huge hit all over the world.  After only three days the movie got  £15.85m and the books over the last years have become a literary phenomenon.

What is the secret of such a success?

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Maybe because it is a new way to depict vampires, which have always been a fascinating figure, or maybe because it is a love story, the Twilight saga has made inroads into the hearts of millions of fans- especially teenagers- around the world and some of them were ready for more crazy gestures both in the network and in the real world.

The Twilight phenomenon has split the world in two categories of people, the ones that love it and the ones who hate it. First of all many critics have been made from ‘feminist world’ because in the past episodes Bella’s character was effectively too passive, fragile, and almost always in need of protection by the men but in this last part she completely changes and becomes more strong and she’s the one who protects people she loves.
However, it has not gone unnoticed and most people, for passion, curiosity or critic have gone at least once to the cinema to see one, two or all the episodes of Bella, Edward and other Stephenie Meyer’s characters.

Anyway, now that Twilight has run its course, the only thing we can do is to wait for the next planetary “phenomenon” that will make people talking around.




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