Brilliance 2012 lights up Poole

Poole this weekend celebrated the opening of the Twin Sails Bridge with a series of events exploring the town’s maritime heritage and local history.

Poole Council launched a series of events exploring the town’s maritime heritage and local history this weekend, to celebrate the opening of the Twin Sails Bridge.

24 local artists’ light installations were displayed in shop windows across the town centre and quay during Brilliance 2012, including visual artist Hazel Evans’s Flower Forest.

Tim Fogg’s short film about the generation gap, “Building New Bridges”, was also shown in Poole Museum.

Members from Parkstone Yacht Club sailed crafts decorated by young people from the Paragon Marine Skills Centre and a locally-built dinghy was restored and exhibited at the harbour to celebrate the town’s sailing tradition.

Organiser Rachelle Bushell said: “ These events showcase both old and new aspects of Poole. It is a good chance to bring young and old communities together.”

The celebration also featured live music, street entertainers and balloon modeling workshops. The whole event was wrapped up with an impressive five-minute long firework display.

The town gathered at Poole Quay to enjoy the opening celebration:

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