Catalonian Independence: Away from home in times of crisis

The Catalan Senate has approved the independence of Catalonia. Students living in Bournemouth, and elsewhere in the south, have voiced their concerns. 

Over the years, the Spanish community living in the UK has largely grown, causing many to be far away from home during these crucial moments.

“Spain stands a long distance from the country it claims to be”

Alex D’Alba, recently graduated Catalan living in Winchester, has been following the events regarding the Catalan independence via Skype with his family.

“I must admit I did cry the moment our President effectively declared our long needed secession from the Spanish State… I find it extremely difficult to share the joy of this day with my friends in England,” he said.

“As a citizen here, you may be for or against our cause, but one thing is clear: Spain stands a long distance from the country it claims to be.”

Anger and impotence has stricken the hearts among many Catalans, whilst others think the situation has gone out of control.

“This is all starting to become ridiculous”

Beatriz Hidalgo, 25, studying Human Resources Management at BU has also been informed by her parents and family via Skype and messages.

“I think this is turning a little bit crazy. Many businesses would leave Catalonia… many things would have to change. But I don’t know what’s going to happen because what’s happening is illegal.”

Spain reacts

A six-hour debate of the Spanish Senate, resulted in the approval of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution with 214 votes for, 47 against and 1 abstention.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy spoke at the Senate and to calm the situation: “I want to thank the support to the Government’s plan for article 155. The proof that it was necessary is what has been approved today in the Catalonian Parliament, which is against the law which supposes a criminal act.”

The Spanish media has been updating live reports online surrounding any ground-breaking news, keeping Spanish people living in all parts of the world informed.

EU reaction

President of the European Council Donald Tusk expressed the EU position regarding Catalonian independence, willing for Spain to restore order with peace:

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