Climate Week 2013 tries to bring awareness of environmental impact

Residents and local businesses in Bournemouth are encouraged to save the environment on various areas because of the upcoming Climate Week.

The Bournemouth and Poole Climate Week 2013 will begin on March 4th and concentrate on five different themes: waste, travel to work, heating, travel at work and power, said Haley Paterson a spokesperson for Bournemouth Council. Everyday weekday will have a different theme, the weekends are the extension of Friday’s topic.

Roxanne Humphries, from the Environmental Strategy & Sustainability department of Bournemouth Council, said: “The idea to conduct a themed week is to highlight simple actions that could be taken to reduce the environmental impact of both businesses and individuals.

“The proposed actions reduce our dependence on unsustainable fuel sources, reduce harmful gas emissions but also make economic sense.” said Mrs Humphries.

Local businesses, organizations or residents can get involved in this event in three ways; contacting and liking the Bournemouth and Poole Climate Week on Facebook or Twitter, registering their activity on the Climate Week website and simply taking action to reduce their energy use during the week, according to Mrs Humphries.

The idea of organizing a climate week came from a student team ManageMe from Business Management degree course of  Bournemouth University.

“Our motivation stemmed from a university project,” said Jenny Garbis a member from ManageMe, they designed the event in 3 months, handed the plan over to Bournemouth and Poole councils and won the chance to run the project.


Main image credit: Miao Cai

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