Cooperation is key for Dorset Mental health proposals

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group are now hosting regular drop-in events to find out the publics views on the proposed changes.

The Dorset CCG believe the co-production between them, Dorset HealthCare and service users for the review is one that needs to be continued: “It made us recognise the need to continue the conversation with service users and local groups as they are the ones to best tell us how effective our services are and the best ways to change them.”

Paul French, GP and Clinical lead for Mental health for Dorset CCG, believes the proposals would be positive for those with mental health problems.

“I’m very excited about them. I know my colleagues have always been frustrated with the difficulty we have meeting the needs of a wide range of people with mental health problems.

“Patients can now be self-referred and get the support and help they need, whereas previously they may have had to go through a GP to get through to the community mental health teams.

“If you meet peoples mental health needs earlier and stop them going into crisis you reduce admissions. I think the long-term benefits of the proposals will be that you have a happier and better supported group of patients with mental health problems.”

A further interview with Paul French can be found below.

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