Council seeks new creative entrepreneurs from Bournemouth’s Arts University

A council initiative to boost the local economy will help graduates start their own businesses.

A council initiative to boost the local economy will help potential creative entrepreneurs graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth to start their own businesses.

Cllr John Beesley has said that as part of a new council initiative they will be searching for young creative business minds from AUB in a move to boost the local economy.

A former AUB graduate turned entrepreneur, Jim Creegan, founded Jimmy’s Iced Coffee after he graduated in event production from the university.

His business has grown rapidly and now has it’s beverages on the shelves of many national retailers.

“There is without fail, enough creative minds at AUB to create great businesses,” said Mr Creegan, “They have proved that with the enterprise pavilion, an event we ran called AUB24 and other entrepreneurial events.”

Jim believes that you can have great business expertise, but without the creative know-how to apply that and make it an exciting business idea you won’t be able to succeed.

Simon Pride, marketing manager from AUB, said: “The creative industries are one of the only growing areas of the UK economy and we have a lot of talent here so this is a good place to start looking.”

Mr Pride said that AUB already have a centre for young entrepreneurs to develop their talents with subsidised office spaces and partnerships with local creative businesses.

“There’s a lot going on around here surrounding creative industries so it is good that the council has recognised that and is interested in seeking out the next generation of talent,” he said.

Cllr Beesley, leader of the council, said: “We have huge potential on our doorstep. One area we are focusing on are the creative industries, so we will be looking to the Arts University Bournemouth for these new creative business minds.”

The council has announced that this initiative will be part of £15m set aside for a community financing initiative which will aim to give mortgages to first time buyers and provide loans to launch small to medium businesses.


Main image credit: AUB


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