Cruise survivor reunites with family

The cruise crash survivor from Dorset, Rose Metcalf is sharing her experiences to inform people about sailing safeties.

A Dorset woman, one of the last survivors of Costa Concordia cruise ship crash, has been reunited with her family.

23 year-old dancer Rose Metcalf was rescued among four other people when she signaled one of the rescue boats.

Miss Metcalf and her four fellow survivors could not be seen by the rescue helicopter, which had left the area assuming no one else was aboard. Returning after an hour, Rose signaled one of the rescue boats with an emergency light she had ripped from a cabin wall.

Miss Metcalf hopes to put a positive spin on her traumatic experience. Her father, Philip Metcalf, said: “Rose would like to use her experience to help in the safety of ships, and also in personal safety for those sailing.”

Mr. Metcalf helped people in UK who had relatives and friends aboard the Costa Concordia, the majority of whom were rescued. He says his daughter is a very resilient person, and is keeping busy. She will be filmed for a Channel Four documentary and is visiting a yacht construction to give advice on safety features.

Currently there are 16 confirmed casualties from the crash. Miss Metcalf is one of the lucky ones, although she did lose all of her possessions on the ship. Passengers will definately receive compensation but this may not be the case for the crew. According to  Mr Metcalf, the reluctance of the UK insurers to pay out insurance on personal items, such mobile phones, is the most annoying aspect.

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