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Death by Design: The film screening

A local community project hosted an event to educate people on the harm caused by producing, using and disposing of mobile phones and computers.

The project, Transition, has multiple aims on creating a space where like-minded people can discuss ideas to combat climate change locally and globally.

One of the goals is to bring the public together to watch films on environmental issues and discuss what they have seen afterwards.

The viewing took place at Mad Cucumber, a local independent vegan cafe.

The most recent film watched was Death by Design, which brought to light humanitarian problems, as well as the physical and mental consequences, of the over-consumption of phones and similar technologies.

Martha Searle, an organiser of the event at Transition, says that the environmental standards of companies which produce these gadgets ‘vary across the world’.

She said: ‘Corporations also have a responsibility to ensure they channel their profits into making sure their processes are environmentally sound.’

The group holds monthly screenings of uplifting and educational films.

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