Dorset business scheme cease funds dry up

The Dorset Chamber of Commerce has run out of grant money for a scheme that saved businesses £178,000 in Dorset in 19 months.

The ‘Control your Compressors’ project which was launched in Spring 2011 for all sectors of businesses did not only save them money but also helped environment by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Cobham Aviation Services, one such business, has managed to save £11,000 per year along with 72,000kWh of energy, 39.221kg of CO2 emissions by repairing the leaks identified with the help of this survey.

“Though we will still offer equipment to retest the sites, I would like to continue with the surveys for new companies. However I still have to find funds,” said John Bird, Efficiency Development Officer at the Dorset County Council.

The project, which is funded by a grant given by the Dorset County Council, offers free compressed air leak detection surveys to various businesses around the county.

“The project is open to more than 5000 businesses from various sectors in Dorset,” said Shirley Ewart, Business Development Manager at Dorset Chamber.

The Dorset business scheme, unique to this local area , also allows the businesses to borrow the Ambrobe leak detector free of charge to retest their site. The survey has already been taken by 64 companies but the fund is drying up now.

“We have funds to carry out only nine more surveys and for retesting of those that took the survey previously,” said Ewart.

“The grant was a small part of Local Area Agreement Reward grant won by Dorset County Council and could fund only 75 surveys,” said Bird.

A four-year pilot project, it ends in Spring 2013, and the remaining two years will oversee only those sites that have already taken the survey.

“It is a one-off project but it would be great if more fund was available. This scheme has helped the businesses of Dorset save a lot of money,” said Ewart.

“I would encourage local businesses to take up this opportunity as soon as possible,” said Ken Shirley, Quality Manager at Bighead Fasteners Ltd, which saved £622.99 after taking this survey.

Main Image: Craig Sunter via Wikimedia Commons

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