Dorset crews rescue three cats from fire

Three cats in Dorchester used up one of their nine lives today, after being rescued by fire crews from a burning kitchen.

Photograph courtesy of Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.

Two Dorset fire crews have extinguished a kitchen fire in Dorchester this morning, saving cats Beano, Samson and Tia.

The property owner was alerted by a smoke alarm to the fire in Colliton Street, which caused smoke and fire damage to the kitchen and destroyed the dishwasher.

He then closed all the doors inside the house to prevent smoke from spreading before fire crews arrived.

Once on the scene Dorchester crews put out the fire using two jet hoses. The dishwasher was removed from the property for ventilation purposes.

Dorset fire crews were also called out this morning to a kitchen fire in a flat on Horsham Avenue in Kinson, Bournemouth.

Crews extinguished the fire in a chip pan using a single jet hose.

There was slight damage to both the pan and the surrounding area and one man was checked over at the scene by the ambulance service but deemed unhurt.

Station Manager Andy Fox said: “This month we are particularly reminding the public about being safe when cooking. Fires in the kitchen can start in all sorts of places, whether it be due to an electrical appliance or cooking itself.

“However a fire starts, having a working smoke alarm will give you an early warning to a fire and allow you to escape safely. We recommend you have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and that they are tested weekly and batteries replaced as and when needed.”

He added: “We recommend the use of thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers as they are much safer than the old fashioned chip pan.”

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