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Dorset Polish Centre trustee criticises Brexit’s effects on vulnerable people.

Katie Golc, works for the charity which aims to encourage communication and local bonds between the polish nationals living in Dorset.

“They are isolated”

The group has unsurprisingly been largely effected by Brexit, but Katie highlighted that certain citizens were at greater risk then others.

She said there’s: “a number of vulnerable people who were panicking and are still panicking.”

“they are isolated, they start to struggle with health conditions and that’s why I would call them vulnerable.”

Katie wen’t on to explain how these people have a lack of understanding around Brexit. She said: “they can’t update themselves with Brexit and focus on what their rights are.”

She felt that while there was a constant coverage of Brexit, it was unaccessible to these groups. She said: “television and media have loads of talks about Brexit but on the political level, not anything concrete about the migrants and their rights now. Thats where all the confusion is coming from.”

Katie found that the same issues were reoccurring among the polish community it Dorset and that settled status was brought up repeatedly, due to a lack of information generally.

This demand led the organisation to host an talk with the Polish Embassy discussing settled status.

“Vote after vote.”

Despite events like this, Katie said that fears surrounding Brexit have continued, and that “people feel more confused and actually fed up.”

She also said theres:”loads of fear, loads fo anxiety, especially currently where we have vote after vote.”

She added that the vulnerable migrants she works with find this hard to understand and that it’s “making them even more anxious”.

Listen to the interview in full below.

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