Greenpeace targets VW in Bournemouth

Greenpeace will target Volkswagen in Bournemouth this Sunday over its policy on CO2 emission cuts. Greenpeace activists will be dressed in Star Wars stormtrooper outfits as part of the protest against Volkswagen’s policy on emissions. There will also be a signature gathering petition.

Greenpeace, the independent environmental organisation, is targeting Volkswagen in Bournemouth this Sunday 29 January over its policy on CO2 emission cuts.

Members will be dressed in Stormtrooper outfits to fit with the Star Wars theme of its European campaign to protesting Volkswagen. A petition will also be set up to gain public’s support.

This is the second time that the local group organises such an event. On 9 December 2011, the group with West Dorset Greenpeace protested Volkswagen in the Bournemouth Square. Now, it is expecting a more influential impact on the car manufacturer.

Lee Williams, the local coordinator said: “We hope to boost the number of signatures to the petition towards our goal of 10,000 in total. We are currently over halfway there. Hopefully such a large level of support will encourage Volkswagen to at least speak with Greenpeace about becoming a greener company.”

The giant car manufacturer becomes the target of protest because Greenpeace believes its “The Force” commercial advertisement delivers a negative attitude on the fuel efficiency standard. Volkswagen has rejected the allegations. According to Volkswagen,  Stephan Grühsem, the Head of Communications said:

‘We are again surprised that Greenpeace is targeting Volkswagen with this action.  In just a few days at the IAA in Frankfurt we will be presenting the most efficient and environmentally friendly range of vehicles.  With the new small car, the up!, we have an environmental champion with carbon dioxide emissions of just 79 g/km.  This is the best evidence for our responsible conduct in reducing CO2 emissions.  We have made offers to hold talks with Greenpeace which unfortunately have not been accepted.”

But, recently there is a sign showing that two sides may talk to each other directly.

“The head of Volkswagen in Belgium has already stated that he thinks Volkswagen should speak with Greenpeace. This means that parts of the Volkswagen organisation are beginning to show disagreement with the policies of the main company,” Williams said.

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Are Greenpeace right to target just one car manufacturer? Is your car a humble Prius or a monstrous gas guzzler? Leave your comments and let us know what you think.


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