Horror Movies of This Halloween

What spine chilling horror movies have graced the silver screen this Halloween?

Watching a horror movie is always on the list of things to do for Halloween even you are not a horror movie fan. This Halloween in the Bournemouth’s cinemas 3 horror films are showing on the big screen. Let’s take a look.


1. Paranormal Activity 4


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Forget about how much you loved Paranormal Activity 1. This is the 4th movie of this serial. How many 4th horror films you still love? Saw 4? Maybe. The Final Destination 4? Doubtful. Paranormal Activity 4? Highly impossible.


Presenting a horror movie as a documentary makes it more real and thus more scary. The shaking scene and even the poor image quality make people feel like they are part of the film. That is one of the reasons why The Blair Witch Project become a classic horror movie. That is one of the reasons why people love Paranormal Activity 1.


Just to make a mockumentary is easy, but to make a good film is way harder.


This movie kind of failed in every other aspect. When you walk out of the cinema, you cannot figure out anything good in this film. Boring story with awful scene. It did not grasp the essential of a mockumentary. The Blair Witch Project made people keep asking whether this footage was real. They could feel everything just as the actors in the film. However,  people may have fallen asleep while watching paranormal activity 4. And you just can not understand how could it call itself a horror movie.


It might have required great courage to make Paranormal Activity 4 since the third one had received so many hurtful comments. When something comes to an end, it is always sentimental. But this should be the end of this serial movie.



2. Sinister

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Relax, Sinister is not worse than Paranormal Activity 4.


For a start, it has Ethan Hawke as the leading role. That could get quite a lot of people into the cinema. Then the plot: one family moved to an old house. This is the safe card to start a horror movie. It never goes out of time. Also, the trailer of this film is great.


However, these details aside, this movie has too many problems. To some degree, watch the trailer is quite enough if you are interested in the movie.


Scott Derrickson, director and writer of this film, probably wanted to WOW the viewers in the end. This is totally understandable. But messing up the logic of the whole story is not the way to do it. The director is not telling a story but loading different scary factors. What’s worse these factors are quite similar to be seen in many Japanese horror movies. They are nothing new, nothing creative.


For a new director, to make a film like Sinister might be alright. But for the director who created The Exorcism of Emily Rose, who made so many horror movies so far this movie failed the expectation.


3. Silent Hill 3D


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Six years passed, Silent Hill 2 in 3D finally came out.


With the 3D effect, the images are wonderful. Full of details and beautiful colours. And the story flows well in the first hour. Step by step, secrets came up and secrets revealed. The movie catches the attention of the audience and create a really tense atmosphere.


However, the film rushed to an end leaving the whole story not fully developed. That makes viewers feel like they are betrayed. They had waited and waited to see the final fight. They are excited about it. And suddenly, everything ended in a very harsh way leaving everybody asking why can’t they just make it longer.


If you are not a horror movie fan, the best suggestion could be following the advice repeated over and over again by the father in the movie: Don’t go to Silent Hill.


But, face it. This is the best horror movie this Halloween you can see in the cinema in Bournemouth. So if you don’t want to stay at home and watch old classics like The Shinning or The Evil Dead in your small laptop, this movie might be the best choice you could have.


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