‘I’m nervous about the future. It’s not far and it’s pretty scary’

Wafa Albattashi, student

I woke up with happiness, purpose, and ambition only to be turned back by the university because of the strike. I missed attending classes. I am a person who does everything with a planned schedule and not going to the university affected my routine, mental health, and social network.

For the past two years, I have been relying on my teachers for their constant support, guidance, and encouragement, and thanks to them, I’ve never felt alone. Therefore, I found it challenging to deal with the strike because I just could not reach them.

I was studying by myself and found it unable to comprehend some topics. Without my teachers, I couldn’t learn. I haven’t had a class for a week and this has massively disrupted my studies.

My parents also had no idea about the strikes as they believed I was going to the university every day. They have sent me here to study. How could I tell them? So, I didn’t.

This year’s learning is very critical and matters a lot for my future especially when important assessments are coming up for which I will require my lecturers’ complete supervision. I’m nervous about the future. It’s not far and it’s pretty scary. Although I believe the teachers have the right to strike and the reasons are valid, I also think they must take the repercussions into account because the students are the ones who ultimately suffer.

As told to Simran Mehan.

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