Lou Lou's Vintage Fair attracts more than 40 store holders

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair visits Bournemouth with January special sale

Besides a big special sale, the popular Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair promotes the message of sustainability

All local fashion lovers in Bournemouth have come together in the event to join a vintage inspired community and hunt for unique pieces of the past with bargain price.

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair 2020 with January sale
Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair 2020 in Bournemouth Pavilion | Photo by Nina Minh Trang Nguyen

After visiting Southampton on the 18th of January, this is the second Lou Lou’s vintage fair to be held this year in the UK.

Sharing about the fair this year, Alexis Butt – the manager of the Lou Lou’s fair in Bournemouth said: “A new thing for this year comes from our hope to create a comprehensive vintage experience with more than retro clothes and jewellery. Collectables and home wares brought from far and wide, music, tea parties or beauty salon help complete the whole vintage experience for our customers.”

The fair’s popularity has soared recently since the comeback of vintage fashion and the increase of young population in Bournemouth. They now have about 300 thousand followers on Facebook after taking place in more than 50 towns and cities across the country.

“It kind of varies fair to fair, however on average we have six to seven hundred people come, and sometimes it can be as many as a thousand in big cities.”, the manager said.

“I love vintage. I think vintage clothes have stories.”

Emma Harrison, a Bournemouth’s fashionista

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair 2020 in Bournemouth Pavilion
Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair 2020 in Bournemouth Pavilion | Photo by Nina Minh Trang Nguyen

Emma Harrison, 20, a fashionista in Bournemouth said: “This is where I have an amazing selection of items to choose from. I have completely different feeling for each item from the 1940s to the 1980s.”

Talking about a further meaning of vintage clothing, she added: “As an individual, we do need to be more mindful about sustainability, with our shopping choices”.

Changing the attitude of consumers towards utilizing secondhand goods is also one of the main purposes of this vintage fair shared by the organizing team and all traders.

As a fashion student graduated from University of Winchester and the owner of 1999_vintage fashion shop, Harry Edwards shared: “With a variety of fairs which will take place this years, vintage fashion is getting back on track for its beautiful meaning”.

“We want to spread the idea of not buying new, we should recycle more to save the planet”

Harry Edwards, a vintage fashion store owner

The next event of Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair 2020 will take place in Norwich on the 25th of January.

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