LUSH to campaign against EU directive

LUSH is considering starting a campaign against EU REACH regulations on animal testing. Andria Archontides explores the reasons behind it.

A campaign by LUSH against new EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) regulations is under development.

The new regulation may require more raw ingredients being tested on animals in the name of better safety for humans. Under the directive manufacturers and suppliers of specific ingredients are obliged to follow animal testing procedures.

Tamsin Omond, campaigns manager for LUSH said: “REACH has far-reaching implications for the consumer’s right to choose cruelty free products.”

However according to REACH, this directive provides basic requirements for the care and accommodation of laboratory animals, and stipulates that experiments shall be designed to avoid distress and unnecessary pain and suffering to the animals.

Although LUSH is aware that only some of the substances are going to be tested on animals and not the finished products, it is in its future plans to change its marketing terminology. Ms Omond said, “There would be a need to change our animal testing criteria for certain products.”

The company aims to raise awareness on the subject and according to Ms Omond, LUSH has been involved for the past ten years in campaigning against animal testing experiments. “Needless to say our ethical considerations are at the heart of our business and will continue to be”, she said.

While REACH runs under the management of ECHA (European Chemical Agency), ECHA’s Executive Director Geer Dancet said “Substance Evaluation is an important tool for increasing information on chemicals. The safe use of chemicals can now be better addressed and promoted in cooperation with the Member States”.

Main Image: Chrisloader, Wikimedia Commons

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