Marc Perry

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Driven by curiosity, Marc has travelled widely throughout North America, Eastern Europe, EU, Israel & Egypt; as well as Thailand and Australia. He has written along the way and is now focused on developing his skills in Journalism. In his spare time he likes to play piano and practice yoga. Follow him on twitter: @perryeyes.

Low rent resurgence in business

Seven new businesses have opened up on route between Boscombe and Southbourne in recent weeks. Marc Perry takes a video tour to ask start up owners what it is about the area that is attracting so much entrepreneurial activity.
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Art centre proposals: Storify

Plans for the redevelopment of the Boscombe Centre for Community Arts site, currently occupied by protestors, are showcased today. Marc Perry live tweeted from the discussions. Follow the developments on The Breaker.
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Hague: UN council has failed Syrians

William Hague chaired a UN debate on the Middle East in New York today, giving a rousing speech on the UN's success, failings, and potential to do more in Syria. Marc Perry follows the conference, and public reactions, using social media.
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Health and vitality in juicy Boscombe

The upside of the economic downturn is that new, progressive businesses are arriving on Boscombe highstreet. From coffee-bookshops to Bikram yoga, Boscombe's heart seems to be beating to the tune of innovation. Marc Perry checks out a newly opened juice lounge.
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