Magic and music hits the Funny Bone

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Magic Tricks:

The weekend is a nice time to sit back, relax and probably prepare for some Russian roulette. Popular magician Vladimir Dimitri Kockov better known among his fellow magicians for his 4 gun “Real Live Russian Roulette” act. The artist loads four pistols with live rounds and randomly picks a gun, placing it on his forehead and pulling the trigger. Catch this edge of the seat action at The Funny Bone Comedy Club at Centre Stage in Bournemouth this evening from 7: 30 pm onwards. There are also two comedy acts by Tiffany Stephenson and James Acaster.
Contact: 01202 540065

The Bowie Experience:

For the 65th birthday of pop musician David Bowie, the David Bowie Experience is performing at Mr Kyps in Poole on February 3. Known for their striking resemblance to David Bowie, the Bowie Experience also packs apunch with their music. They will kick start the performance by jumping straight to the Ziggy Stardust era, which propelled Bowie to stardom status in the 70s. Get set for a night of memorable music like “Five Long Years”, “Who Sold the World”, and “Diamond Dogs.”

Contact: 01202 748 945

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