Modern slavery and human rights charity A21 held demonstrations on Wimborne Road on Saturday

Modern slavery and human rights charity A21 have held demonstrations on Wimborne Road

Modern slavery and human rights charity A21 have held demonstrations on Wimborne Road.
Almost a hundred volunteers dressed in black gathered in the Winton Life Centre to hold awareness lectures.

The procession then walked down Wimborne Road and ended outside Lidl.

Many carried signs, with two associates leading the procession with a large banner.

Approved host and speaker Rosa Trout expressed the importance of these events. She claimed “For me it’s about reaching and educating people in the community.”

“It’s important for youngsters to be equipped and know the signs and what to do.”

Rosa Trout wished to state to those impacted by modern slavery and trafficking “we know it’s happening; we see you.”

Passing residents stopped to ask about the organisation, and drivers pressed their horns to show their support.

After returning to the Life Centre, the event finished with refreshments held in the life centre at 1.00pm.

A21 host walks for modern slavery awareness every year

The A21 Campaign hosts Bournemouth Walk for Freedom annually; a worldwide campaign aiming to bring attention to the prevalence of modern slavery and local human trafficking.

The charity focus their effort on fundraising events, along with education programs in particular with young people in schools.

The International Labour organisation estimates that at least one in four people suffering from human trafficking are children.

According to an NHS study, one in eight employees reported a person they suspected had been trafficked.

The charity’s awareness movements have taken place in various areas across Bournemouth; in 2019 the demonstration took place through Lansdowne.

Last year, The A21 Campaign hosted their walk in Springbourne; next years event will take place in in Bournemouth gardens.

Julieanne Medway, a volunteer for A21, claims “every year we see Walk for Freedom grow.”

Individuals are often trapped in marriages or in cheap labour. “Passports are taken away and they are left in a place that they don’t know so they don’t know how to get out” according to Julieanne. recommends being aware of signs of abuse or trauma in possible victims of human trafficking, as individuals who appear fearful or untrusting of a minder or superior.

Anyone who suspects that they know a victim of human trafficking or modern slavery can contact A21 through their website at to call or make a report.

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