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Taliban breaks off talks with US

The Taliban suspended talks with the US earlier today, whilst Afghan president Hamid Karzai ordered for US troops and Nato forces to be removed from villages by 2013 - following on from the killing of 16 civilians four-days-ago by an American soldier.
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Bournemouth feminists protest about cuts

Students from the Feminist Society of Bournemouth University united with local workers to protest the government cuts in town centre last Saturday. The students dressed up as typical 1950’s housewives indicating that they don't want to go back time when women's rights were largely ignored.
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Boscombe Art Trail

Boscombe art trail links the sea front with shopping street. In the interactive map and gallery has been displayed location of seven sculptures with description, photos and night effects. The art trail was designed by a Dorset-based artist Andy Kirby who won £74,000 commission to design the project. Ideas were put forward by local residents and influenced by the artist's style.
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Boscombe heart charity pins hopes on Christmas

Almost 80 per cent of the items in the store are second-hand, according to store manager Silvia Pettet. Donations to the British Heart Foundation are made by people who drop off their belongings directly to the store. The organisation also offers pick-up services every two weeks. “We have drivers who are willing to collect donations from people’s houses but lately our vans have been returning with few donations.”
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Bournemouth landlords concerned about crime site

Expansion of the government’s popular crime mapping website has sparked concerns over falling house prices and difficulties renting rooms among Bournemouth landlords. The website, which has received over 400 million hits since launching in February, has expanded the crimes it shows to include shoplifting, drugs, criminal damage and arson. By the end of this year, the site will also include the names of specific areas where crime levels are highest.
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Pensioners urged to have free flu jabs

Pensioners and people with medical conditions are being encouraged to get a free seasonal flu vaccination. GPs across Dorset and the local NHS have joined forces to stress the importance of getting the vaccinations. Everyone eligible for a free jab has received a letter or a phone call from their GP or practitioner to be informed about a free flu vaccination day.
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