Unlit path safety fears

 A dark pedestrian pathway through woods is unsafe at night but can’t be lit because of the “natural environment”, says a Bournemouth councillor.

Andrew Morgan has said that the Council cannot light the path inside the woods from Ensbury Park to Talbot University campus “not only because of the cost of light, but to protect a natural environment”. “We can’t light up all the areas due to cost, but, in here, it is a matter of nature,” he said.

The path is a popular one for pedestrians, students, dog walkers and children, but it has no light even during day time.

Julie Russel, an Ensbury resident, says: “I am new to the place but as it will be my daily route I would certainly want the path to be lighted. I walk my dog by around three but it gets dark by four so there certainly is a need for streetlights.”

Kariaki Vrasadi, a former Bournemouth University student who used the path on a daily basis, said: “Though there is a defined path for the pedestrians there is no street light even after the woods come to an end”.


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