One World By The Sea offers an international window

Bournemouth and Poole is holding host to a mixed range of fringe events where there will be a focus on international culture, as the One World By The Sea Festival kicked off on Thursday (26 Oct).

Every year Bournemouth welcomes many international travellers and students, as well as those who live here more permanently. As a result, it could be argued that international lifestyle is influencing local culture.

The festival, organised by the International English Forum, will explore different international cuisines, live music, film, and interactive cultural activities.

International theme

Events include a family lunchtime discovery event focusing on global links, an international rhythms music evening followed by a club night, a world cinema screening and Q&A, plus several fringe events around town.

A free family event will take place on Saturday in the Triangle, central Bournemouth, featuring food, music, singing and dancing from around the world.

Supported by BU

Bournemouth University is supporting the festival with the BU International College hosting one of the main events as well as several fringe events.


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