Dorset County Council joins Social Media Week

An international event is being held this week that will be exploring the impact of social media when it comes to getting in touch with the council.

The Dorset County Council that is joining the event is encouraging residents to communicate with Dorset county Council online.

Melissa Craven, a public relations officer from Dorset council, said: “Residents are encouraged to use their twitter accounts and communicate with the Dorset council online.

The official website of Dorset County Council, will use its Twitter account @dorsetforyou to tell in real time that how many people are using the website for different services as part of this Social Media Week, she added.

“We are using Social Media Week as a way to promote council services and show people how easy it is to access council services using the website,” said Cassie Booth, the Senior Website Officer of

Dorset County Council has become even more accessible because of its Facebook and twitter pages.

She said: “Our Facebook and Twitter pages are another way of promoting our services and making information available to our residents.

“Many people contact us by social media nowadays as people get more and more confidence using the internet and this is changing the way they access our services

Also, social media is very cost effective and efficient, according to Booth.

“Being a shared website we save council tax payers money and are always looking at ways to reduce costs.”


Image by Pete Ashton

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