Poole Museum nominated for ‘Great of Great Britain’ award

Poole Museum has been nominated by the public as a “Great” of Great Britain.
Poole Museum has been nominated as a “Great’ of Great Britain in the landmark and attractions category as part of The Great Exhibition Awards 2012.

The ‘Greats’ of Great Britain are voted for by the public and will be represented in a Virtual Online Exhibition that will cover all aspects of British society and culture.

Once a ‘Great’ has reached 100 votes it is automatically entered into the competition with the chance of winning the accolade of “Best in Britain 2012”.

Other Poole locations to be nominated by the public for the award include; Tower Park’s Splashdown and Sandbanks beach.

Poole Museum is currently ranked 128th out of 152 in the landmark & attractions category with 28 votes so far.

The competition will close August 28, with the winner being announced September 1.

What makes Poole Museum ‘Great’? 

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