Poole nursing home says ” it is up to standards”

Avalon nursing home say they have improved since the publishing of the failed inspection report

“The residents are very happy,” says the manager of a Poole nursing home after a negative Quality Commission inspection.

Avalon Nursing Home in Branksome Park failed on four out of five care standards required of nursing homes.  The report, carried out under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, said staff did not care about residents and left them without medicine.

General Manager Joanna Assey spoke exclusively to the Breaker and said there had been no complaints: “residents and families are happy; the CQC was not happy.”

A spokepersonn from the CQC said there are various actions they can take: ” we have the power to take arangements for different actions, such as  fixing penalty notices, risk restrictions to care services and admissions.”

Changes have been made since the inspection, according to Joanna Assey: “Since the unannounced inspection five months ago we’ve got new  management, had advice from quality assurance, a CQC inspector has been helping us and we’ve had staff training.”




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