Pope resignation surprises Bournemouth priests

The feelings of local priests are mixed over the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

The current Pope Benedict announced his resignation yesterday citing his failing health as the main reason for his decision.

Father Bruce Barnes, of Sacred Heart Church in Bournemouth, said: “I think this pope has given so much to the church in his theological teaching and his pastoral care that he had obviously reached a point that he himself felt he cannot do anymore.”

“I think we were surprised, but I don’t think the full implications of (the resignation) have been felt yet properly,” said Father Barnes.

“The church will continue as usual under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,” he added.

One priest praised his decision and considered it the right move as he was no longer able to meet the demands of the job: “The pope surprised the world again by showing that the he doesn’t have to die on the job,” a local catholic priest said.

“People who talked with me at mass also thought it was a courageous thing for him to do,” he added.

image from Catholic Church (England and Wales)

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