Pro-remain group protests against Nigel Farage’s “Leave Means Leave” campaign in Bournemouth

This local non-governmental organisation believes the UK should remain in the European Union and protester Geneviève Talon came with one important message:

We are here to remind people that Brexit is not a done deal, that we can still make our voices heard

Talon explains Dorset For Europe’s protest against Farage : “We think a no-deal Brexit will be very dangerous for the country, an absolute catastrophe. This notion that we can go for a no-deal is completely fanciful”

‘Nigel Farage, give us a people’s vote!’

Dorset For Europe are calling for a “people’s vote”, and are joining the People’s Vote March in London this Saturday.

“We would like to encourage Nigel Farage to consider supporting a peoples vote. He says he wants to follow the will of the people. If he’s so sure the will of the people would go towards leave again, then lets have a people’s vote, now that people know so much more about what Brexit would entail” argues Talon. 

But members of the opposite side vehemently disagree.

“Whether people like it or not, there was a referendum with one of the biggest amounts of votes ever recorded in this country, and it’s got to be respected. If they don’t, this will create a huge constitutional problem in our country” said Keith Turner, a Brexiter and Farage supporter.

After heated Brexit talks on Monday afternoon, Theresa May’s statements about EU negotiations left Nigel Farage’s supporters exasperated.

“Most of the people in the establishment don’t like Brexit, they want to remain in the EU”, Turner he said.

He added that what Theresa May is proposing is “even worst than our current arrangements” with the EU and that “the only way to get Brexit to happen is with mass pressure from people”.

However, Talon disagrees: “we have had nearly two and a half years to find what it would actually mean to leave, and the so-called will of the people is actually changing”.

“So, Nigel Farage, give us a people’s vote!” she exclaimed.






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