Photo of a petrol station in Bournemouth

Pumped up petrol prices anger Bournemouth drivers

Drivers in Bournemouth are set to pay more at petrol pumps if plans to increase the rate of fuel are approved today.

Brian Madison from the Petrol Retail Association says we are likely to see a rise in the next few weeks: “I would expect by Easter the average cost of petrol today 110 per litre to move in the order of 114p per litre.”

Motorists in the centre of Bournemouth were disappointed at the prospect of more expensive fuel.  Jason, who works for a local bus company, said “it’s a bit of a pain.  It does affect me; I spend about 35 pounds a week anyway on petrol.  They should bring the prices down. They get enough money as it is.”  Another driver, Paul said “they’re cutting back on oil and just forcing the price up.  It’s one minute this, one minute that.  It goes up and down like a yo-yo.”

Brian Madison says changes in the price of crude oil are to blame: “there’s been a 33% increase in crude oil since January with 45 dollars to the barrel to our 50 dollars to the barrel, wholesalers or retailers then have to pay every day.”


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