Rallye Dorset on verge of signing ‘major’ new sponsors

The Dorset Rally, formerly known as The Sunseeker Rally, has been left looking for new title sponsors after Sunseeker ended a 15 year partnership

Rallye Dorset – formally known as Rallye Sunseeker – have confirmed to The Breaker that they are in the final stages of clinching a new title sponsor with a “major global company”.

The Sunseeker company announced last week they have decided to withdrawn funding after a successful 15 years as the rally’s title sponsor.

The race organisers, Southern Car Club, did not wait long to look for a replacement. Marketing Manager Alex Mellon said: “We’re are in delicate negotiations, but are very positive about our prospects.

“We put on a show down at the Quay – a real circus. It’s the final stage of the British Rally Championship so we try to make it so everyone can enjoy it.”

The severing of ties happened a few days before a study undertaken by Bournemouth University students was released that demonstrated the positive economic impact the rally has to Poole. The results showed that over the course of the two day event, Poole and other areas of Dorset saw 20,000 spectators who spent a collective £614,000. The competition’s 1,784 officials and participants spent £516,000. This means that Poole saw over £1 million in direct spending from event attendees.

Fantastic platform

Senior lecturer and Chair of the Poole Tourism Management Board Bruce Grant-Braham said: “The next sponsors will have a fantastic platform to work from thanks to Sunseeker’s superb work over the last 15 years.

“It is very important to Poole to host this event, and the link between Sunseeker and the rally has been synonymous throughout the years. We here at the university and Poole Tourism will do whatever we can to help this continue being a great success.”

The organisers are hoping to confirm the deal next week.




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