Natenyahu visit might cause diplomatic tension with Turkey

The possible Israeli involvement in the oil reserves issue might cause a bigger conflict in the region. Ilker kocas looks at the possible conflict in the East Mediterranean Sea.

There might be a rising tension in the East Mediterranean, as Turkey is sceptical about growing relation between Israel and Cyprus.

Yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Mister of Israel, visited Cyprus.

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician
Israel Prime Mister, Benjamin Netanyahu

It is the first official visit of an Israeli Prime Minister to Cyprus.

Uzi Landau, the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure (Ministry of Energy) also joined PM on that visit. As Israel is interested in oil reserves in the east Mediterranean region, it might cause another conflict between Turkey and Israel.

Turkey recently warned Cyprus on Mediterranean gas drilling. Turkish Foreign ministry announced on 15th of February: “Turkey, as it was before, will not allow under any circumstances foreign oil companies to conduct unauthorized oil/natural gas exploration and exploitation activities in these overlapping areas”

The Ministry also added: “We protest this unilateral step, which is both irresponsible and provocative, taken by the Greek Cypriots despite all warnings.”

Since 1974 armed conflict between Turkey and Cyprus was quite problematic, as Turkey never recognised Cyprus as a sovereign state.

The possible Israeli involvement in the gas issue might cause a bigger conflict in the region.

Turkish-Israeli relations were decreasing dramatically after Turkish Prime Minister criticised Israeli PM in front of cameras. Israel’s operation against Blue Marmara was the turning point in the relations. Both countries restrained dyplomatic relations after the Israel army’s operation against the Turkish ship sailing to Gaza with humanitarian needs. It caused the death of nine passengers.

Due to the Blue Marmara incident, the clash of interest might lead Turkey and Israel into a new conflict.

Turkish Prime minister, Mr  Erdogan, has not yet spoke on this issue. However, he is well known for his criticisms on the Israeli politics.

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