Snow forces slow start for IMAX demolition

Snowy weather slowed the start of the final demolition stage of the IMAX building on Bournemouth’s waterfront yesterday.

[one_half]Plans were to begin removal of glass panels and the sections of the roof today but the wintry conditions have slowed the progress on the controversial structure situated near the town’s pier.

A site spokesperson said: “We were supposed to be putting scaffolding up today but the snow means we haven’t got going yet, hopefully it’ll clear up soon.”[/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last]

The demolition began in November 2012 with the interior being taken apart first. Now tonnes of waste have been removed from inside the building, work on the exterior demolition can begin.

The IMAX building, named the worst building in England by Channel 4, has since its opening in 2002 has been a target for disgruntled residents, largely surrounding its obstruction of the sea view from Bath Road.

“I just can’t wait until that view to the Purbecks is restored and I don’t have look at that ugly thing every day,” said Bournemouth resident Polly Brownlee

The council’s plans state that the final stage of the demolition which is now underway will be finished in March to make way for the site to be developed.

The site will be transformed into the Waterfront open air events space that will host a variety of events, from theatre and music to dance and extreme sports.

You can follow the progress of the demolition live on the council’s waterfront webcam.


Main image credit: Tom Dale

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