Photo of plastic on Bournemouth beach from Storm Brian

Storm Brian pollutes Bournemouth beach

Storm Brian has left Bournemouth Beach covered in plastic following yesterday’s high winds and strong tides.

Much of the rubbish in the English Channel was washed up on the beach, leaving the beach covered in plastic. Including several plastic bags, sweet wrappers and plastic bottles.

Washed up plastic

Despite weather warnings for wind speeds of up to 70mph in some areas of coastal Dorset, the Met Office base at Bournemouth Airport recorded highs of 30mph yesterday afternoon.

High tides

Storm Brian also caused higher tides than usual on Bournemouth beach. The Environment Agency released a warning before the storm hit saying they were expecting a combination of high tides and winds to cause a tidal surge for Saturday around midday.

The sight of plastic on Bournemouth beach is not unfamiliar. Local artist Lynn Davy collected plastic from Bournemouth beach over the bank holiday weekend in August, and was disgusted by the amount she had by the end of half an hour.

She said: “between the three of us we had enough to completely fill an estate car”.

This washed up rubbish comes as Arts By The Sea held its finale last night, with the very timely theme “Plastic Beach”.

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