Support worker claims more help for homeless is needed

The death of a homeless man in a Bournemouth church doorway has prompted a call for increased housing for the nation’s homeless.

The homeless man, 42, was discovered two weeks ago and highlighted the issues around housing for Bournemouth’s homeless.

“We spend billions in wars and foreign affairs, why do we not spend millions in helping homeless people in the UK?” said Stuart Hicks, housing support officer at the Bournemouth YMCA.

“I believe that everyone has the right to get the chance and be housed in proper residence.” he said, “The death of the homeless man upset me, that man needed a house to live in to avoid facing that dismal destiny.”

Mr Hicks said that the YMCA thinks that there are enough vacant rooms in Bournemouth to accommodate homeless people and avoid similar deaths.

He added that he believes that referring homeless people to temporary accommodation is not enough and that with the support and assistance of other organisations and the council that Bournemouth’s homeless population could find homes.

Main image credit: Flickr – jamerco

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