Unlucky 13 drives away couples

The fear of unlucky number 13 has given rise to the number of couples getting married in 2014.

Over 41% of those who attended the wedding show at the BIC in Bournemouth said they were now looking for a wedding date in 2014.

“It is quite interesting that they’ve taken lots of bookings in 2014 and beyond. Maybe 2013 is a bit unlucky for some. I mean it’s 2013, not 13. But even so some brides don’t want to get married in 2013.” said Sarah Stainer, Conferences and Exhibitions Manager.

But, Mrs Stainer added: “Some of the venues are actually looking at it as sort of positive sign and are actually offering discounts to try and get business in 2013.”

The 2013 BIC wedding show was held for two and a half days over the weekend and ended with a fashion show on the Sunday afternoon. The show attracted some 130 exhibitors and over 3,000 visitors over the weekend.

Mrs Stainer said: “The couples are looking for deals, they want things to be packaged up, they want to know exactly how much they are going to spend.”

Andrew Timms, who visited the show with his fiancee, said: “We’ve got lots of recommendations, we’re going to sit down tonight and go through it all. There are a lot of ideas, you’ve got to research and make sure you’ve got the right thing.”

Mrs Stainer thinks that the wedding show is like a one-stop shop with a bit fun as well, and said they will soon start to look at features and feedback to make improvement for 2014’s event.

Photo By Lee J Haywood, Flckr

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