Once upon a time there was an event

The Once Upon a Time event inspires people to create their own story

The Once Upon a Time event became a showcase for some of the most successful businesses related to the Dorset area (Dorset Cereals, Oppo ice cream, Fitness First, Farrown and Ball), so they can share with the audience their experience and inspire everyone to create their own story. The idea of this event is to demonstrate that small businesses have serious potential to become powerful and prosperous in their branch. Essentially, storytelling is a significant part of every successful brand. But it is not only about the story itself, it is more about the way the story has been delivered to the audience. Stories are all around us and they help brands to adapt their product to the world by building a relationship between a customer and a producer. Every brand has something unique. In fact, this is requirement number one in terms of creation.

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