Vandalism incidents in a Bournemouth school

A vandalism incident took place over the last two weekends at Moordown primary school in Bournemouth.

The culprits caused damage to the outdoor property and mutilated toads that were present on the school’s pond.

Site manager Steve Tomkinson said that the outdoor classroom was the affected area.

He said: “They have also damaged plastic-bottle greenhouses that we have there and other acts of vandalism such as breaking pots and generally smashing and breaking things. ‘

“They have also thrown a desk into the pond and unfortunately cause the pond lining to rip. We also had quite a healthy population of  toads in our pond and unfortunately some of those were removed, dismembered and killed.”

Staff have confirmed that nothing was stolen from the property.

There aren’t any suspects at the moment, but the police have been informed about the incident and investigations are under way.

The CCTV system on the school grounds was not working at the time of the incident, so there is no physical evidence to trace the vandals for now.

Residents who live close by say they did not hear or see anything suspicious.

Anyone holding relevant information is encouraged to come forward.

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