VIT: For India’s youth

Voice of India Today (VIT) targets the modern day teenagers of India bringing to them current affairs and infotainment news from across the world.

Voice of India Today (VIT) network is an English news channel for teenagers bringing to them current affairs news, interesting facts and concern’s of today’s youth. The interests of the teen in India, today, has become westernized with the development of the country. VIT network, thus, targets the modern teen seeking to provide them with a mix of the culture of India and the modern world.

The aim of VIT network is to reach out to 13-19 year olds in India, giving them information and news from the progressing world and paving the way for them to explore different platforms in their future.

The TV channel contains a balance between current affairs news along with world news, entertainment news such as movies, music, fashion and celebrity news, sports news, feature and lifestyle related news, technology and automobile news. Apart from this there will also be a segment on social affairs and real issues. Every bulletin and show broadcasted aims at engaging and educating the socially conscious youth in areas that are of interest to them in today’s modern age.

VIT news channel runs bulletins on current affairs and world news at prime time which includes interviews, packages, VOX POPS and live coverage in a manner that is appealing for the youth using original stories, catchy words and interesting sources. The entertainment news will bring to teenagers the latest in the music, movies and fashion industry with gossip about celebrities, film and music reviews and interviews with stars from Bollywood (India’s main film industry).

Sports news will contain the latest on local, national and international sports, featuring interviews with sportsmen. Cricket, being the most watched and talked about sport in India will be given prime focus with a half hour show called ‘Cricket today’ which is a talk show with cricketers and eminent persons related to the sport.

Half hour documentary style programmes will run on social issues in the country that aim at informing the youth and creating awareness about the issues faced in India today such as overcoming poverty and child labour.

Features and lifestyle programmes include human interest content depicting culture, food and travel in India that will interest the country’s teen. These will be in the form of infotainment documentaries and talk shows. It aims at broadcasting culture from the temples of India, food from every different state and travels from the foothills of the Himalayas in the north to the backwaters of Kerala in the south.

The Gadget show is a half hour programme that aims at informing the youth about the latest on automobiles and gadgets in the world. With the speed at which technology is advancing today, each infotainment show will focus on a different gadget or automobile.

The output on the website will be slightly different from that of the TV channel. For each category multimedia will be included in the form of video, audio and photo journalism.

The website of VIT is divided into the categories of news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, technology, live shows and multimedia. Television programmes can also be streamed on the website under their respective categories making it convenient for the viewers by giving them the option of watching the day’s shows at any time.

Polls and discussions will be added in order to involve the audience. Encouraging interaction from the youth will not only bring popularity to the network but also give viewers a platform to voice their opinions. Widgets with celebrity gossip, fashion advice, sports and technology facts and weather updates along with interesting medical and general knowledge facts will be available.

There will be a page for cricket which features write ups about cricketers and eminent people related to the sport.
Features and lifestyle will contain stories and blogs along with photo journalism stories that are meant to inform and educate teenagers. Documentaries depicting the culture and social issues of the country can be viewed on the web page.

The interactive editor is in charge of keeping the Facebook and Twitter pages up to date in today’s age of digital media. He is in charge of the website’s appearance and has the role of ensuring that content on the web page connects with that of the channel. The interactive editor is also in charge of monitoring the opinions and comments voiced by viewers in the ‘Discussions’ page.

The TV channel and website is run by a team of ten journalists. Six journalists are in charge of finding newsworthy content and the right sources for the TV channel. They cover the categories of entertainment, sports, lifestyle and technology. They are also responsible for the content that goes into stories, blogs and widgets on the website. All journalists will have fair knowledge of editing softwares so that they can efficiently conduct interviews, film documentaries, etc.

The editor and sub-editor are responsible for over-seeing the final content before it is published or broadcasted to ensure there are no legal, grammatical or factual errors.

The multimedia editor monitors the technical and video/audio editing content. He is responsible for ensuring multimedia is edited and ready in a timely manner and to the best standards.

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