Weymouth cleans up its graffiti

Prasanth Aby Thomas looks at the project to fight graffiti in Weymouth. Offenders will be made to clean up the graffiti as part of the ‘Wipe Out’ campaign.

A workshop to gather ideas on a project to paint murals in the underpasses of Weymouth will be held today at Westham Methodist church hall.

The Dorset Community Safety Partnership is funding the project to fight the issue of graffiti, which is a highlighted problem in the recent times. Dorset artist Hannah Wallace will coordinate the project.

Graffiti offenders will be made to wipe off the graffiti as part of the Wipe Out campaign before Hannah and her team start their work on the murals.

Councillor Geoff Petherick, brief holder for community safety at Weymouth & Portland Borough Council said: “Graffiti has been a problem in the underpasses at Westham and the project is an excellent idea.”

However, he does not feel the project will stop individuals from making graffiti in public places but “If we clean the graffiti each time they paint, they might at one point get tired and stop doing it.

In a release by the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, Hannah Wallace said: “It’s always top of the list to encapsulate a sense and feeling of what the local community want, and I’m getting really involved in ‘capturing’ the Westham area: the people, the culture etc. I want the movements of the project and its outcome to be amazing.”

Dorset Community Safety Partnership aims to enrich the local community with this project. It aims to encourage residents to respect the environment where they live.

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