YMCA seeks to help the homeless

Living in Bournemouth, you can expect to see many fundraisers and events that will help shed light on Mental Health Awareness.

The recent Mental Health Day can help to shed light and bring awareness to a problem that primarily affects the lovely beach town of Bournemouth. That problem is homelessness.

According to a recent 2017 census conducted by the local YMCA of Bournemouth, there has been a 300% increase in the number of homeless individuals since 2010.

A problem that is clearly continuing to grow at a staggering rate, the local YMCA of Bournemouth also discovered that in a 4 year span from 2012-2016; the number of homeless applications to the Bournemouth Borough Council have increased by a staggering 168%.

A homeless individual’s safety is put in a compromising scenario when forced to live on the streets, but very few know the true dangers that these homeless individuals face.

From muggings, assaults, and even death, homeless individuals in Bournemouth are put in dangerous and compromising situations everyday. But how does this problem get fixed you ask?

That is where the local YMCA of Bournemouth comes into play.

Since it’s creation in 1879, the local YMCA of Bournemouth has been a pillar for the community in providing accommodation and support for at-risk and homeless individuals.

YMCA is doing what they can to fix a problem in Bournemouth

By hosting a myriad of events on a daily basis, and to increasing their supporting accommodation in order to bring in more individuals, the local YMCA is doing what they can to fix a problem in Bournemouth that so few people seem to be talking about.

Though executive director of the local Bournemouth YMCA Gareth Sherwood could not be reached personally for any details regarding what they plan to be doing this Mental Health Day on October 10th. This should not deter you from looking into volunteer opportunities and doing what you can to help the YMCA fix the homelessness problem.

For more information on possible volunteer opportunities and event dates, feel free to check out their website. Or even go to their location personally and check out all of the things they are doing to help the community via the address provided.

Get in Contact:

Main Office telephone number and email – 01202 290451 , enquiries@ymcabournemouth.org.uk


Delta House
56 Westover Road
BH1 2B

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