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4 seasons in one day: all in their stride


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One minute the powder blue skies, chalky from the sun setting higher at this time of year are scattered with silver clouds, the next minute, hail and rain diagonally blitz and bounce from the roads.

When the sun makes an appearance it illuminates the landscape expressing itself by kissing the black volcanic rock with a hazy yellow tone.

So you put on your T-shirt, pull on a pair of jeans- sometimes lying flat on the bed if you have over-indulged on too much fresh bread from the bakery!

One foot out of the door and it’s snowing! Right, find a hat, a warm coat and some gloves, ready to go.

Ten minutes into the journey wherever you happen to be walking to you cannot peel the layers off quick enough. Sweating, red-faced and reasonably uncomfortable you are now left carrying an annoying amount of clothes.

Strolling around the corner, you are hit by what non-natives would class as a hurricane. Nearly being swept off the path into a tree you battle with the wind, usually pulling a highly unattractive face as every step you take feels like taking five steps backwards.

The best thing is, if the wind is ‘on your side’ and behind you then you are pushed along like a wind conveyor belt, moving unnaturally faster than one normally would with an extended stride like a space man walking race.

The wind is something else here, cycling against it is nearly impossible and it takes double the time to get to your desired destination if Mother Nature is against you. The wind also turns your face into a beacon, red from the windburn as you enter the very warm homes, bars and café’s in Iceland you may experience a hot flush.

Icelanders are big coffee drinkers. By adding this to your already perspiring body you are sent into a melting pot. As quickly as you are over-heating you are equally cooling down, layers back on and ready to brave it, ‘whatever the weather’.

Icelanders do not seem at all phased by this changeable climate, good job really! Many people, understandably drive to work as a ‘pleasant’ bike ride can turn into a military standard assault (of the body) course.

The best thing to do when visiting Iceland, whatever time of year is to come prepared for all eventualities. You may need a large suitcase but believe me it will be well worth it when you experience winter, summer, spring and autumn all in one day!

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