Patients express themselves through art

A forensic occupational therapist who organised the exhibition at Bournemouth University says art can give mental health patients a way to express themselves.

The exhibition, Unheard Voices, was organised by Dorset Mental Health Forum and Art at BU.

It features poems and paintings from patients at mental health units across Dorset.

Informing the future

Jenny Stickley, who works for the NHS in Dorset, says: “The aim of the exhibition was to capture people who can’t vocalise what they want to express.”

Contributors were asked to reflect on their experiences of mental health services. Ms Stickley hopes the artwork will help inform future decisions about healthcare in Dorset.

“It’s about learning what we do well and trying to change what we do not so well,” she said.

For the full interview and to see examples of artwork, watch the video below.

The exhibition will remain in Poole House until 23 May.

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