Behind the occupy mask

The group at Boscombe arts centre no longer gather under the occupy banner. They are involved in a “direct action’ and, contrary to popular opinion, do not now choose to hide behind a mask. The community have been invited in to witness. Marc Perry took his camera along to observe…

The group inside Boscombe arts centre no longer want to be considered as “occupiers.” Their current agenda is locally based and they do not feel like they have to hide behind a mask. Spending time with the group has been a pleasant, if sometimes confusing experience,¬† chatting with individuals and getting to know them. These pictures are from inside the story and there are many sides and mixed agendas of this story. They are a peek inside the comings and goings of the inner life of a protest group.

“Making the face of a politician”
The lights are on. There are up-to thirty empty rooms in the center.


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