BH2 complex met with mixed reviews

It has been over a month since the opening of the BH2 complex in Bournemouth and the arrival has seemed to be a huge success for the town centre.

In it’s opening week the cinema welcomed more than 23,000 guests through the door, with Richard Rowe, general manager for ODEON Bournemouth Richard Rowe calling the venture a “huge success”.

However the complex, which boasts 10 cinema screens and a variety of restaurants, has been met with a mixed review from the Bournemouth public.

In a venture that should be seen as a positive boost in an ever-declining Bournemouth high street, it appears that some residents are less than happy with the overall design of the complex.

One resident called the complex simply ‘another huge building which adds to the towns claustrophobic atmosphere’, with another adding that it could work better if it was in a different location.

Despite this criticism, the public did acknowledge that the reclining seats the Odeon cinemas are offering are an added bonus for film watchers and one local also pointed out that the wide range of restaurants on offer is excellent for the town, as this had been something that Bournemouth had been lacking in.

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