10 Facebook faux pas to avoid

In early October, founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that his social networking creation had no fewer than one billion users each month. Therefore, over one sixth of the world’s population are now registered on the website.

A study by the Huffington Post in May, revealed that Americans spend over 8 hours a month on the social networking site, a figure which is surely set to rise in response to Facebook’s growing user-ship.

But what are the faux-pas when it comes to interacting with your friends on Facebook? As users spend an increasing amount of time on the website it’s possible that committing certain ‘social media sins’ could lose you a friend or two.

Here we take a look at 10 common facebook faux pas:

 1. Getting your photo taken next to signs that have your name on them.

Okay, you may be forgiven Roger but chances are we know your name! A picture of you smiling cheekily whilst pointing at a sign isn’t going to change that.

2. Recounting each meal you have to your Facebook friends.

We all like good food, but sharing a photo of every meal you ever eat gets a little tedious. The addition of a cheeky thumbs up in the bottom corner to communicate a positive feeling on said meal is extremely annoying and downright unacceptable. Besides, you’re making me hungry.

3. TyPiN LyK Diz G3Tz rLy aNnOyiNg

The fact that Facebook is online is no excuse for poor spelling. Typing like you’re running out of characters whilst having an epileptic fit doesn’t make you look cool, it makes you look lazy and stupid.

4. No-one cares how happy you are! Keep it to yourself

Example: “I’m just having the best day ever”. Oh really? Your complete happiness isn’t actually on a list of my top priorities right now but thanks for the heads up.

5. Mirror Photos

So you got yourself all dressed up then spent your evening in your grubby looking bathroom taking photos of you pouting and looking really cool in the mirror. You should probably get a hobby or have a tidy or something, that mirror looks a bit mucky.

6. Stop… using…full…stops…like…this

Example: “So many decisions, I don’t know what to do…..”, clearly an attempt at blatant attention seeking. Cue all of your friends who haven’t got sick of this yet to offer you support like “Aw babe what’s up?”. This is the point where, you know, you should probably use proper physical relationships.

7. Stop sharing your awful music taste

Okay we get it, you’re really cultured and enjoy the intricacies of German techno-goth-funk, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us want to hear it, so save it for your headphones or maybe your exceedingly unlucky house mates.

8. No-one needs to know the intricacies of your complicated love life

OMG!!! You’ve changed your relationship status from an open relationship to an actual relationship, I must know all the details. Actually, no I mustn’t. Quit obsessing over the status of your relationship and go out there and have some proper relationships.

9. You find your Pet cute but that doesn’t mean we do

If I wanted to be friends with your weird looking pet on Facebook I’d add the kooky account you made specifically for Roger the Goldfish, because you thought it was wacky. But I didn’t, so leave it out please.

10. How many photos do we need to see of you drunk in a club?

You know one day all the space on the internet is going to run out and the first thing that’s gonna get deleted is those 137 photos of you and your mates out having the ‘best night ever’ in some rubbish club dancing to 90s nostalgia pop tunes.

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