Boscombe welcomes Activity Park

Boscombe residents are looking forward to the opening of Boscombe’s coastal activity park this weekend

Boscombe residents are looking forward to the opening of the UK’s first multi-purpose coastal activity park, which is due to open this Saturday.

The Park is part of the award-winning Boscombe Spa Village regeneration project and will offer a range of activities including snorkelling, triathlons and kayaking, catering for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Sian Backhouse, from the Urban Reef Group, said: “The park is fantastic and we fully support the project. Anything to encourage people to come to Boscombe and get active can only be a good thing. It will be a great opportunity for everyone in the local community and those from further afield to share the facilities, socialise and enjoy being outside. We look forward to welcoming everybody to the area and being part of this fantastic project.”

Nadia Amura, a photographer and active Boscombe promoter is excited by the opening.

“I think it will do quite a great deal for promoting Boscombe as an area worth visiting, there is going to be so much activity down at the beach.

“People are slowly discovering that Boscombe is a great place.” – Nadia Amura

“The area is becoming a bit of a hub for marine life so it is a great place for people to go out snorkelling. I think that it will definitely attract people to the area, people are slowly discovering that Boscombe is a great place.I know that there is a lot of deprivation and that some people cannot afford gym memberships, so having the activity park with lots of free gym equipment on the beach can only be a good thing.”

The Park will be operated by a team in Bournemouth Borough Council’s Seafront Operations department, and overseen by the National Coastal Tourism Academy .

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