Bournemouth couple escape fire

A fire broke out this morning at the residence of an elderly couple in Bournemouth forcing them to escape.

The incident took place on Derby Road in East Cliff.

The two elderly occupants were woken up by a smoke alarm at 03.39am and phoned 999, and were told by Dorset Fire Control personnel to leave their first floor flat, leaving all doors open.

Two fire engines arrived quickly, from Springbourne and Westbourne fire stations, with two sets of breathing apparatus.

The couple, who had assembled in the lobby, were led to safety before the fire fighters discovered the fire which was in the airing cupboard.

The fire was put out with two hoses, but a third fire engine was sent for which came from Christchurch.

The couple were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, and there have been no updates on the elderly couple’s condition.

The source of the fire is believed to be from an electrical short circuit in the airing cupboard, and the flat sustained significant smoke damage.

A total of 15 fire fighters were on the scene to put out the fire and the site will be revisited later today.

A spokesperson of the Dorset Fire and Rescue service said: “This incident highlights the necessity of working smoke alarms in your home.”

Featured Image courtesy of Flickr via Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.

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