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Bournemouth goes fair trade

Bournemouth has been awarded fair trade town status by the Fairtrade Foundation

Bournemouth is now officially a fair trade town following recognition by the Fairtrade Foundation.

The announcement comes during Fair Trade Fortnight, which has involved various community events in schools and the university.

Councillor David Smith from the council’s planning and environmental department said he was “very delighted”.

“Now we’ve got to roll it out and encourage local businesses, cafes and hotels to come on board with fair trade. It fits well with the broader green agenda we are trying to promote. We are a very green town and already one of the best for recycling.”

Since the council began to push its campaign, awareness-raising events have taken place across the borough, leading to an increase in availability of fair trade products, claims the council.

These events included Wimbourne’s “Abolish the Unfair Banana” fair last month, which saw campaigners showcase cookery demonstrations with fair trade bananas.

Fairtrade Town Steering Group chair Chris Shiel said, “We have had some great feedback from the Fairtrade foundation who commented on how strong and comprehensive our application was and that is a credit to everyone who has been part of the bid.”

The council has also invited people to take part in a fairtrade rap contest. Wannabe rappers have the opportunity to write and perform a piece and then tweet it to #BmthFairtradeRap of upload to Facebook at “Bournemouth Fairtrade” by 9 March.

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